Before describing the new category of collectors who will bring new growth to the art market, it is worth remembering that there are around 500 million art buyers worldwide. Clearly, the concept of buying art covers a wide range of activities from hunting for bric à brac to collecting works of art. But it is also interesting to remember the number of people who have been drawn to the culture by tradition, ownership, collection but also, unfortunately by speculation.


The major art collectors who stabilize the markets and the speculators, who disrupt the market have already been the subject of many articles and analyses; that is why we are interested in the typology of affluent neglected collectors.

The affluent neglected collector is not a major collector by definition, but could become one. In the same way, he is not a speculator as, buried deep within him, he has a real interest in culture and art.


Furthermore, whether he is affluent through  his financial income, or through acquired or soon to be acquired assets, he is an informed economic player in the art world. But he is also neglected, since he is not fall into the category of UNHNWI (ultra high net worth individual), whose wealth is managed by private banks or other financial firms.