Ever since my earliest years, I have seen and felt what it is to be motivated to paint by watching my father, a graduate of an elite engineering school, who was always driven by the desire to paint, without ever wanting to make a living from it.  Through his attitudes and habits, I really came to understand art. 


Looking at his creations, the works of art of the great painters and above all one impressionist, I entered the art world, without knowing it. Furthermore, the general culture of my day-to-day education helped me understand the dichotomies which can exist or develop in an artist. 


By going beyond the colours and techniques, like all expressive arts, painting is the inner essence of a man or a woman, materialised by an artwork. It's the transformation of spirit into matter. This reminds me of the words of a great French philosopher who died in New York: "Spirit is material that has become light."


Thus, it is important to know more about the artist, his life and his thoughts, as these aspects can prove to be vital and useful in understanding his work. The artist's environment and culture are therefore the keys to a better understanding of his creative inspiration.