Our structure is formed around committees who provide a weekly analytical view.  The monthly and quarterly formalism of these committees, on the other hand, enables us to provide totally impartial and benchmarked advice.

The committees, aided by the appropriate data-processing system, provide the guarantees of the rigour of the process, the provision of advice and the quality control of the service.
From the audit to the financial management, from collections to restoration and decoration, from the highlighting of artists to the arrangement of exhibitions, our organisation is able to comply with all your requests.
Our methodology comprises a personal accompaniment over a period of several years, on regular quarterly information and in the organisation of events which are open to our clients.

All our services are guided in order to be at your service and at the service of art and culture. Our wish is to contribute to your enjoyment while preserving your heritage.  Our wish is to be at your side as a guide in the world of the imagination.  Our desire is to accompany you in the management of works in which you can see the beauty.  Thus, to be effective by your side, your tastes interest us.