For sale

Sell the rights of this Fintech "Delos & Coeos"

For the record, the driving factor that allowed the birth of the project is a long illness declared more than 10 years ago.

After three relapses, I made the resolution at the end of 2020 to sell the rights of this Fintech "Delos & Coeos" carrying the project "26" labeled by the Competitiveness Cluster Finance Innovation in Paris in 2017 and whose contribution in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) was retained in the report of Cédric Villani (mathematician who received Fields Medal and Member of Parliament) awarded to the Prime Minister in March 2018. The purpose of this editorial is to communicate now on my desire to give up the method, the information system, the marketing and communication items as well as the legally validated contracts, the brands, the domain names...

For the sake of simplicity, “Delos & Coeos” has been integrated by a global law process (TUP) into its holding company.

In order to have a global vision of the project, the video posted online a few months before my third relapse allows us to understand the spirit of the project. Click here to view the video; In addition, reading the editorials also helps to understand the way of " 26".


- Beyond the algorithms allowing speed and security, it is a method framed by procedures referenced in a manual and developed in an educational way.

Beyond the activity, the goal is to create a new movement, a new dynamic, a new customer momentum.

- Beyond the economic scope, a social scope is revealed through job creation


If you are interested in buying the rights, know the conditions of assignment of rights, click on the link below